Under Growth and Agriculture, the programme will develop evidence on: 

(i) the conditions under which agricultural growth can contribute to overall economic growth and support structural transformation for a modern, high value-added economy;

(ii) how agricultural productivity can be raised at the level of households, farms and farming communities? 

(iii) how the potential of irrigation can be exploited in those countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, where current use represents a small fraction of what may be possible.

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Under Growth and Financial Sector Development, the programme will develop evidence on:

(i) the structural features of the financial sector that are critical to a) high growth and structural transformation in LICs; b) access to financial services; c) financial stability;

(ii) the role of the regulation and supervision of financial markets, public financial institutions and competition in financial sector for inclusive growth; 

(iii) the role of regulation to handle capital surges that pose systemic and macroeconomic policy challenges;

(iv) the lessons from recent crises for LICs to avoid crises.

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Under Innovation and Growth, the programme will develop evidence to:

 (i) understand innovation better; does innovation happen within firms, through firm entry/exit in a sector, or between sectors 

(ii) examine appropriate institutional and policy factors behind innovation, especially in the following broad areas:

 a) the link between competition, market structure, and productivity growth;

b) the link between institutions, industrial policy and productivity growth; and finally,

(iii) explore productivity in service sectors (e.g. finance or skills) and its links to productivity in other sectors.