Shaping economic transformation in Tanzania

 Container ship leaving Dar es Salaam port c.  Lspencer /

Container ship leaving Dar es Salaam port c. Lspencer /


Eds. Dirk Willem te Velde, Sam Wangwe, Steve Wiggins

Contributors: Governor Benno NduluAlison Brown, Peter Mackie, Alastair Smith, Colman Msoka, Emmanuel Mung'ong'o, Julius Gatune

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Video interviews from conference including Prof. Benno Ndulu

Short film: Shaping Economic Tranformation in Tanzania  




Over the past decade, Tanzania has seen its economy grow and strengthen. With an average growth rate of 6.9%, the country is ahead of the sub-Saharan African average of 4.9%. Despite this, poverty is still high, raising questions about the quality and long-term impact of this growth. 

This set of policy essays, based on discussions at a DEGRP/REPOA high-level conference in Dar es Salaam earlier this year, explores the challenges of and potential solutions for economic transformation and ongoing economic growth in Tanzania.

Featuring contributions from leading researchers as well as a keynote speech from Governor of the Bank of Tanzania Professor Benno Ndulu, the essays focus on issues such as agricultural productivity, microfinance, industrialisation, and the transition from manufacturing to service industries.