Labour outmigration, agricultural productivity and food security

Dr Dirgha Ghimire, University of Michigan

Start: Oct 2014  |  End: Sept 2017

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International labour migration from poor agricultural regions to more industrialised countries is a growing concern. This study focuses on the impact of labour out-migration on agricultural productivity in the migrant-sending locale of Chitwan Valley, Nepal, a poor area persistently facing food security problems.

This project will examine:

  • the extent to which labour out-migration influences agricultural productivity, women's participation in farming and exit from farming

  • the degree to which remittances influence farm technology use, women's participation in farming, and exit from farming

  • the relationship between the use of farm technology and exit from farming, and subsequent out-migration.

The research will generate high-quality scientific outcomes that include a comprehensive panel data set with potential to address perplexing methodological problems, as well as new empirical evidence on the consequences of labour out-migration, agricultural productivity and its interplay with gender.

 Farming for development in Nepal. c.  UN/Gayle Jann

Farming for development in Nepal. c.  UN/Gayle Jann