DEGRP research findings in Tanzanian government plan

Research findings from a DEGRP innovation project have been included verbatim in the Tanzanian government's new five-year development plan, released in June.

The project, lead by Maureen Mackintosh of the Open University, studied the supply chains of essential medicines, medical equipment and supplies from local industries, and imports into the health systems in Tanzania and Kenya. 

The findings, taken from a report by project researcher Paula Tibandebage of Tanzanian research organisation REPOA, suggest that a revitalised local pharmaceutical industry in Tanzania could contribute to improved health system performance and accessibility and, ultimately, inclusive economic growth. 

Prior to this, the project won recognition for its contribution to policy change from UKCDS, who included it in their list of the top 20 most impressive examples of UK research contributing to global development

For more about the role and impact of the DEGRP research in Tanzania's new development plan, visit the Open University website. 

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