New policy essays: China-Africa: a maturing relationship?

 c. UNIDO/flickr

c. UNIDO/flickr

The latest set of DEGRP policy essays explores the implications of changing China-Africa relations for African economic growth and development.

Based on discussions at a China-Africa event co-hosted by DEGRP and SAIIA in Johannesburg in December 2015, the essays feature contributions from DEGRP, SAIIA and ODI researchers as well as speeches from Justin Yifu Lin, ex-World Bank Chief Economist, and Helen Hai, UNIDO Goodwill Amabassador and CEO of Made in Africa initiative. 

They examine a diverse range of issues, including:  industrialisation, employment dynamics, conservation, governance, and peace and security. 

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For more information about the DEGRP/SAIIA event, as well as video, presentations, and links to media, visit the event listing.