DEGRP at UNU-Wider

DEGRP has just returned from a two day conference in Helsinki on industrial development and policy in Africa hosted by UNU-WiderThe conference titled ‘L2C – Learning to Compete: Industrial Development and Policy in Africa’ builds on the research from the collaborative project between UNU-WIDER, the Brookings Institution and the African Development Bank, and aimed to bring together research on industrial development and industrial policy in Africa.

DEGRP took part in two sessions on state business relations: the first with Professor Kunal Sen, Joint Research Director of the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) Research Centre,  Dr Lili Sisombat, a Program Specialist at the World Bank Institute and Dr Dirk Willem te Velde from ODI/DEGRP; the second session was led by Professor Dani Rodrik, a DEGRP grant holder, Dr John Page, a Senior Research Fellow at Brookings and Professor Lindsay Whitfield from Roskilde University in Denmark.

 Dr Willem te Velde and Nirosha Gaminiratne from DFID's Growth Unit also presented a special session on DEGRP, our current projects, research and future vision. 

A series of policy essays on state-business relations and industrial policy, written by conference research speakers, will be published by DEGRP shortly. 


DEGRP Presentation from Dirk Willem te Velde  

DFID Growth Research Presentation from Nirosha Gaminiratne

SBR Presentation from Professor Dani Rodrik

Other presentations can be found on UNU-Wider conference website