DEGRP Impact and Communications Strategy


The DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme Impact and Communication Strategy is designed to ensure that researchers funded by the programme understand the context within which their research will have impact, how impact is defined, and the steps that they could take to maximise their impact. It also sets out the overall impact and communications strategy for the programme as a whole. 

A presentation of the DEGRP Impact and Communications strategy from a grant holder workshop can be found here. 


Impact guidance

DEGRP has also developed a guidance note for grant holders on impact. Download here. Any difficulties with the download try here.

Presentations from ESRC-DFID's Research Uptake and Impact day.


DEGRP Brand and logos

DEGRP has prepared some guidelines for projects on using the brand, the programme name and logo. 

Please contact the DEGRP Communications Officer for logo versions.


Monitoring and evaluating communications

DEGRP is currently working on an events assessment tool to better assess the quality of its events.

In addition, DEGRP uses Google analytics to track its website and social media analytics. 

Read more on how DEGRP is assessing the impact of its events: How on earth do you measure the impact of your events?

Useful Resources


The ESRC Impact Toolkit: This Pathways to Impact Toolkit explores ways to develop an impact strategy, promoting knowledge exchange, public engagement and communicating effectively with your key stakeholders.

Research and Policy In Development (RAPID): The RAPID section of the ODI website holds a variety of resources related to evidence-informed policy-making for researchers and practitioners, including tools for communication, policy impact and monitoring and evaluation.

DFID Research Uptake Guidance note: This guidance note provides information on DFID’s approach to research uptake and some practical advice for designing a research uptake strategy. 

The RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA) is a guide to policy engagement and influence developed by ODI. 


The Evidence and Policy Group

The Evidence and Policy Group (EPG) is based at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). It was set up by DFID and ESRC to support both DEGRP's programme and its projects to maximise the profile, uptake and impact of research. This includes working with projects to explore what constitutes impact, advising on impact and communications plans and providing tailored support where necessary.